Appetizers & Sides

Tostones ($4.00)
Six fried green plantains served with a garlic dipping sauce
Tostones with Miami Salsa ($4.50)
Six fried green plantains served with a tropical ‘Miami’ salsa
Yuca Fries ($4.00)
Crispy fried sticks of yuca with choice of dipping sauce
Mariquitas ($5.00)
A basket piled high with thinly sliced and fried plantain chips, lighty sprinkled with salt; served with a garlic dipping sauce
Tostone Nachos ($8.50)
Tostones covered with house black beans, shredded mojo pork, Swiss cheese, cilantro cream sauce, and Miami salsa
Make it vegetarian by omitting the pork
Ham Croquettes ($4.50)
Five fried cylinders with ham filling; served with chipotle lime aioli
Sliders to Share ($8.50 for 3, $10.00 for 4)
Choose any one of our sandwiches served on our house-made Medianoche slider buns
Appetizer Sampler ($15.50)
One beef, one chicken & one black bean empanada; two ham croquettes; three tostones,
small bowl of black beans with bread for dipping; mariquitas (plantain chips) with garlic dipping sauce


Comes with three empanadas and cilantro cream sauce
Standard Fillings ($7.50)

Black Bean
Roasted Vegetable

Specialty $8.50

Weekly Special
Chorizo and Goat Cheese
Steak Palomilla
Spinach and Feta

Ala Carte ($3.00)
Combo Pack ($8.50)
Choice any three empanadas, with accompanying sauce
Empanada Flight ($11.50)
Five in total: beef, black bean, chicken, and your choice any other two empanada, with cilantro cream sauce.

‘Miami Joe’ Bowls and Salads

Black Bean Bowl ($4.00)
Served over coconut rice
Hialeah Bowl ($8.50)
Coconut-cilantro rice, black beans, shredded mojo pork served with our tropical ‘Miami’ salsa on top
Homesense Hash ($8.00)
Mojo roasted pork and egg scramble topped with feta cheese, green onions and garlic sauce
Red Bean Bowl (Saturday and Sunday only) ($8.50)
Red beans, potatoes, calabaza, chorizo, and pork shank, served over coconut rice
Tropical Lettuce Salad ($6.00)
Mango, pineapple, radish, red onion, and cilantro over lettuce with a guava balsamic vinaigrette


**Make any sandwich a meal by adding a side of
Mariquitas (plantain chips), yuca fries, side salad, or black beans for $2.50**

Cubano ($9.00)
Roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard
(Make it vegetarian-substitute pan fried mojo mushrooms and onions for meat)
Elena Ruz ($8.00)
Roasted turkey, cream cheese, and guava jelly
Medianoche ($8.00)
Roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese and mayo on a slightly sweet egg bread
(Make it vegetarian-substitute pan fried mojo mushrooms and onions for meat)
Croquette Sandwich ($8.00)
Ham croquettes, ham, Swiss cheese, and chipotle lime aioli
Bistec ($10.00)
Grilled thin sirloin steak, Swiss and cheddar cheese, grilled onions, crispy fried potato strings
Turbano ($8.00)
Same ingredients as Cubano but turkey instead of roasted pork
Peanut Butter & Guava Jelly ($6.50)
A Miami-Cuban spin on the traditional PB & J served hot off the sandwich press
Medianoche Sliders ($7.00)
Two sweet egg buns piled with roasted pork, Swiss cheese and mayo
Frita ($9.00)
(Friday and Saturday only while supplies last)
Cuban-style hamburger
Seasoned beef and pork burger with cheese, house made frita or diablo sauce, and crispy fried potato strings
(Add an egg -$1.00)


Traditional Cuban Pastry ($1.50)
Choose guava or coconut
Sweet Fried Plantains ($3.00)
A ripe plantain caramelized to perfection
Flan ($3.00)
Miami-style topped with shredded coconut
Helado Sundae ($4.50)
Sweet fried plantains, vanilla bean ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream and pecans
Empanada Sundae ($6.00)
Two Dessert empanadas, vanilla bean ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream

Drinks ($2.00)

Bottles (Coke, Sprite, Mt. Dew, Unsweet Tea, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Orange Dream, Ginger Beer)
Cuban Sodas (Materva, Iron Beer)
Cans (Diet Coke)

Brunch (Sundays, 11-2pm)

Mediannoche French Toast ($8.50)

(Traditional French toast made with our own medianoche bread. Served with a toasted pecan syrup and fresh fruit.)

Arroz Con Huevos ($9.00)

(Two over-easy fried eggs served atop a bed of yellow Cuban rice. Comes with 3 sweet fried plantains.)

Breakfast Frita Sandwich ($10.25)

(Spanish-chorizo scrambled with eggs, cheddar cheese, shredded fried potatoes and a chipotle cream sauce. Served on our famous Cuban bread with fresh fruit on the side.)

Guava Granola Parfait ($8.00)

(Our own homemade guava granola served on top of Greek vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit on the side.)

Guava Pancakes ($8.25)

(A stack of guava-infused pancakes drizzled with an orange-guava glaze syrup and finished with a dollop of our fresh whipped cream. Served with 2 pork sausage links.)

The Kitchen Sink ($10.00)

A plate of yellow rice topped with chorizo egg scramble, garnished with chipotle cream and crispy ‘house made’ fried potato strings. Served with 3 sweet fried plantain pieces

The Birdcage ($9.00)

Our amazing empanada filled with chorizo and potatoes, topped with 2 over-easy eggs, chipotle cream and green onions. Served with fresh fruit cup


Elena Ruz Kids menu

Choose one smaller portion sandwich/entrée, two sides and juice box flavor – $7.50

Sandwiches and Entrees

Grilled Cheese
Elena Ruz
Medianoche Slider
Empanadas (2)

Sides (choose 2)

Mariquitas (plantain chips)
black beans and
Fruit cup
Apple sauce

Drink Box (choose 1)

Berry Lemonade
Fruit Punch