Appetizers & Sides

Tostones ($3.99)

(Six fried green plantains served with a garlic dipping sauce)

Tostones with Miami Salsa ($4.25)

(Six fried green plantains served with a tropical ‘Miami’ salsa)

Ham or Chicken Croquettes ($4.50)

(Fried cylinders with your choice of ham or chicken, served with chipotle lime aioli)

Chicken or Beef Empanadas ($6.99)

(Three fried dough pastries filled with your choice of chicken or beef, served with cilantro cream sauce)

Black Bean Empanadas ($5.99)

(Three fried dough pastries filled with black beans and our secret ingredient, served with cilantro cream sauce)

App Sampler ($14.99)

(Mariquitas with garlic dip, one of each empanada with cilantro cream sauce, two of each croquette with chipotle-lime aioli, a bowl of black beans, and six slices of toasted Cubano bread)

‘Miami Joe’ Bowls

Black Bean Bowl ($2.99)

(Served over coconut-cilantro rice; Vegan friendly)

Hialeah Bowl ($7.50)

(Coconut-cilantro rice, black beans, shredded mojo pork served with our tropical ‘Miami’ salsa on top)


**Add a side of fried plantain chips to any sandwich for $2.50**

Cubano ($8.50)

(Roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard)

Elena Ruz ($6.75)

(Roasted turkey, cream cheese, and guava jelly)

Medianoche ($7.50)

(Roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese and mayo on a slightly sweet tasting egg bread)

Turbano ($8.00)

(Same ingredients as Cubano but turkey instead of Roasted pork)

Peanut Butter & Guava Jelly ($5.50)

(A Miami-Cuban spin on the traditional PB& J)

Medianoche Sliders ($6.00)

(Two sweet egg buns piled with roasted pork, Swiss cheese and mayo)

*NEW* Croquette Sandwich ($8.00)

(Four ham croquettes, sliced ham, and Swiss cheese slathered in chipotle-lime aioli and hot-pressed between our fresh Cubano bread)


Traditional Cuban Pastry ($1.50)

(Choose guava or coconut)

Sweet Fried Plantains ($3.00)

Brunch (Sundays, 11-2pm)

Mediannoche French Toast ($8.50)

(Traditional French toast made with our own medianoche bread. Served with a toasted pecan syrup and fresh fruit.)

Arroz Con Huevos ($9.00)

(Two over-easy fried eggs served atop a bed of yellow Cuban rice. Comes with 3 sweet fried plantains.)

Breakfast Frita Sandwich ($10.25)

(Spanish-chorizo scrambled with eggs, cheddar cheese, shredded fried potatoes and a house hollandaise sauce. Served on our famous Cuban bread with fresh fruit on the side.)

Guava Granola Parfait ($8.00)

(Our own homemade guava granola served on top of Greek vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit on the side.)

Guava Pancakes ($8.25)

(A stack of guava-infused pancakes drizzled with an orange-guava glaze syrup and finished with a dollop of our fresh whipped cream. Served with 2 pork sausage links.)